Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Messy And Chic Updo for Prom

Looking for a great updo for prom? Here is a messy chic updo for you.

messy chic prom updo for 2012

Start from brushing your bangs to the back and pinning it to the scalp. Sweep the sides to the back and divide your hair into two sections: one made from hair at the crown of the head and in the middle of the back and the other one created from the hair in the low back of the head.

You can secure both sections with hair bands in neutral colors or leave them loose. Grab the upper section and twist it clockwise, as tight as you can. Wrap it around the base to form a bun at the crown of your head.

You can keep it disciplined by adding more pins to hold the bun or keep it more loose and let the hair strands stick out of it.

Move to the bottom section and twist the hair in a similar way to the upper part. Arrange the hair strands sticking from the bun into an interesting composition and use more pins to keep it in place.

Unclip the bangs in the front. Now you can see that pinning it down at the beginning of preparations created an interesting and smooth wave above your forehead. Apply some hairspray from arm length to keep the hairstyle in one place.

This hairstyle is a little bit messy, but elegant at the same time. The key to success lies in styling of the strands. If you master the proper technique you can turn this hairstyle into very chic and formal updo.

One of the easiest among the hair updos for prom, this one has a huge advantage: it is very easy to make in the first place or to redo during the long, prom party.

If you want to change this hairstyle into more funky one you can add more buns or create two on the opposite sides of your head. Again, everything depends on the styling and your own creativity.

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