Sunday, April 7, 2013

2013 Long Center Parted Korean Hairstyle for Girls

Here is a gallery of cute long straight Korean hair style for girls. Center-parted hairstyles have taken over the deep side part as a favored style.

If you have long hair and the right face shape, a center part can actually be very flattering.

cute long Asian hairstyle

Center parts are kind of like an arrow pointing right to your face. The center part works well with angle-softening curls or wispy bangs.

Make sure your skin is clear and your makeup is flawless before parting any waves. To define your part, Palau recommends dabbing some hair wax along the scalp.

Go easy to avoid “greasy roots.” Hairstyles that work well with a center part include medium, long, partial updo and bob hairstyles.

long layered Asian hairstyle

long Asian hairstyles 2013

Parting a long hairstyle in the center is a very dramatic look.All over curls or slick straight are great options for a hairstyle with a center part.

cute long Asian hairstyle for girls

cute Korean girl with long brown hairstyle

cute Asian girls long hair style

Cute Asian girls long hairstyle

Asian long wavy hairstyle

long center parted Asian hairstyle

Asian girls long hairstyle

long wavy Korean hairstyle for girls

long Korean hair style 2013

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