Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why Bridesmaid Updos are so Popular

For many bridesmaids, choosing a hairstyle to wear to a wedding can be quite challenging. While they want to choose a hairstyle that would make them look radiant and glamorous, they need to make sure that their hairstyle does not upstage the hairstyle worn by the bride.

This is particularly true especially if you are opting to wear an updo on the wedding day.

updo hairstyles with braids
Thankfully, there are a number of updos that could be worn by bridesmaids that are elegant and classy enough to make them shine during the wedding day, yet subtle enough that they allow the bride to take center stage.

This is why bridesmaid updos with braids are extremely popular. There are a number of different variations to choose from.

Half updos with braids is one of the favorites. These particular bridesmaid updos with braids provide bridesmaids with a simple, yet chic, elegance to their entire look without having to worry about upstaging the bride.

Half updos would also ensure that your hairstyle would still remain flattering even if you are required to wear a particular head piece during the entire ceremony.

Bridesmaid updos with braids also provide women with medium length hair the ability to have a stylish updo which can easily be done at home.

After braiding each section of your hair, give it a twist so that the ends will be pointing upwards as you secure this with bobby pins.

The result will be a funky yet stylish hairstyle that looks great for teenage girls serving as bridesmaids.

Celebrity Updo hairstyle with braids

Another reason why bridesmaid updos with braids are so popular is because it provides women with thick and coarse hair a variety of styles that would allow them to look neat and beautiful without worrying too much on how their hair would appear in the pictures.

This is particularly true among many African American women who would often have their hair styled in micro braids to minimize the frizzy look of their hair.

Gathering the micro braids into a high ponytail is a great updo for African American women, which could be done on medium length or long hair.

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