Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Simple Elegant Hairstyles for All Occasions

Simple Elegant Hairstyles for women. Whether you are preparing for prom night or simply wanting to hang out with your friends, how your hair looks is just as important, sometimes even more important, than the clothes that you are wearing.

Your hair, after all, is your crowning glory.  No matter how beautiful your outfit is, you would not do much justice to it if your hair is simply a mess.

Elegant Hairstyles photos

Elegant hairstyles provide you just that needed finishing touch no matter what the occasion may be. These hairstyles are not only simple to do.

Elegant hairstyles give you that neat, sophisticated look that would make you look like a million dollars whether you are wearing just a simple shirt and jeans or a glamorous ball gown. Here are some great and simple elegant hairstyles that you can do on your own that you can wear in almost every occasion.

The French Twist

French Twist hairstyle 2013

One of the most popular elegant hairstyles being used today is the classic French twist. Nowadays, the French twist is one of the elegant hairstyles women wear even on in the workplace.

The French twist greatly complements a simple suit or dress and makes you presentable to your clients giving you that added confidence boost to help you close that business deal or land that job opportunity.

The Half Updo

Half updos are a favorite hairstyle for many teenagers.  It is also one of the easiest elegant hairstyles that you can do and fits most hair lengths and thickness. Half updos allows you to wear your hair down and loose while still keeping your hair out of your face and showing off your delicate features.

For casual events such as a night out with your friends, simply wrap a section of your hair around the rubber band holding up your updo. For more formal events, you can add a bit of glitter by sticking some subtle rhinestone hair accessories.

The Ponytail

This is perhaps the most popular of the different elegant hairstyles being used by most women today. It is also the most versatile. The ponytail complements most fashions whether you are simply heading out to the gym for a workout or heading out to the prom with your dream date.

As with the half updo, wrap a section of your hair around the rubber band.  For formal events, curl up your hair with the use of a curling iron before gathering it up in a high ponytail for that extra elegant touch.

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