Monday, April 29, 2013

Braids, Braids, Braids!!!

Melissa Stone, creative director for Sojourn, formerly creative director with Vidal Sassoon, created this stunning braids cover feature with photographer Karin Catt for American Salon Magazine July 2010 issue.

“Braids Can Be Slimming” Most women I know won’t likely try to duplicate Melissa’s chic braid above, but braids come in every shape, size and style and there is probably more than one or two you could fashion, with just a little bit of effort and know-how.

Melissa used a Mason Pearson brush to smooth the hair into a high ponytail. To get the beautiful smooth, shiny look, she braided it, smoothing it as she wrapped it with Sojourn Monio Oil Treatment.

Loose Side Braid

I love this loose side braid! Now, is such a perfect time to be wearing some of these new braids. Even if you don’t have long length hair, you can get the look with an extension.

Just find a braid style or two you oooh...and aaahh...about and take just allow yourself a little bit of time to practice learning how to do it! These braids are worn loose and casual, perfect to wear on hot summer days to cool down and to combat the frizzies!

Temple of Glam brings us this untidy side braid, inspired by Alexander Wang:
•    Apply glossing cream to clean, damp hair to help prevent flyaways
•    Dry hair
•    Create a deep side part and direct hair to one side
•    Apply a conditioning paste/wax to mold hair
•    Start a French braid high on the head, keep it loose and casual by using three uneven pieces
•    Continue the side braid all the way to the bottom
•    Give the braid a slight shake to loosen it
•    Secure braid with clear elastic
•    Finish with shine spray
A fishtail braid (also called herringbone braid) is arguably the easiest braid to make. You basically work with two strands of hair instead of the basic three strands used for braiding.

Then take a small piece from one strand and wrap it into the other strand and vice versa.

Boho Braids for summer

Part hair on the side and French braid hair from part to behind the ear. Pin with crossed bobby pins behind the ear. This models beachy waves makes this boho braid perfect!

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