Thursday, June 6, 2013

Layering up

If your hair is long and feels like it's just hanging there, consider getting some layers cut in to give it some life. Layers work particularly well if your hair is straight or slightly wavy, and if your hair's curly they'll give your hairstyle some extra movement.

Long layered hairstyle

If it wasn't for the layers in her hair, Candice Swanepoel would be ugly.

Essentially, layering the hair involves cutting it at different lengths throughout the hairstyle, giving it shape and the illusion of fullness. It's a very flattering style, particularly if you get shorter pieces cut at the front to frame your face.

Once you've decided that layers are for you, ask your hairdresser for light layering around your face, with longer layers at the back. Then, next time you go for a trim, get them again.

From then on, ask him or her for regular trims with no layers - your hair should be well shaped by then and you don't need to keep cutting them in. If your hairdresser knows what you want then you won't end up losing too much length.

Long story short? Layers are ideal for those who like their long hair, but want a change. Consider them a low maintenance way of bringing new life to your overall style.

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